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Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test (qFIT)

Alias: QFIT, Faecal Occult Blood, FOB

Discipline: Clinical Chemistry

Test information: The Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test (qFIT) is a test to detect hidden or 'occult' blood in stool samples. Unlike older FOB tests, qFIT test uses antibodies that specifically recognise human haemoglobin and are consequently more sensitive and specific tests than the guaiac based FOB test. It also allows the amount of haemoglobin to be measured. QFIT should be offered to adults without rectal bleeding who were classed as "low risk, but not no risk" of having colorectal cancer.

Specimen Type(s)
  • Faeces;
Other Acceptable Specimen Type(s)
GLAT Faecal collection tube
Specimen Container - Adult
  • N/A;
Specimen Container - Paediatric
  • N/A;
  • N/A;
Part of a test profile?
Volume (min) of sample to be sent to laboratory
Patient Preparation, Sample Handling and Transport
Please correctly state if patient is 'Low risk' or 'High risk' when requesting qFIT.
Inpatients/OPDs: Request a qFIT kit from the lab. Requestable on MAXIMs and ICE.
GPs: Have qFIT tubes in stock and request on ICE. See ICE for weblinks to RMS guidance.
Maximum add on time
Units and Reference Ranges / Interpretation
Please see the report.
UKAS number
UKAS accredited test?

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Last updated: 03-05-2024