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Cystatin C

Alias: N/A

Discipline: Clinical Chemistry

Test information: Please note this test is for Renal and the Paediatric teams only. It is produced by all nucleated cells, is freely filtered at the glomerulus, almost completely reabsorbed, degraded and not secreted by the proximal renal tubular cells. Thus it fits the criteria for a good marker of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). The plasma concentration of Cystatin C is almost exclusively determined by the GFR.

Specimen Type(s)
  • Blood;
Other Acceptable Specimen Type(s)
Specimen Container - Adult
  • Gold Top SST BD;
Specimen Container - Paediatric
  • Clear - Plain;
  • N/A;
Part of a test profile?
Volume (min) of sample to be sent to laboratory
1 ml
Patient Preparation, Sample Handling and Transport
No extra requirements.
Maximum add on time
Units and Reference Ranges / Interpretation
Please see the report.
UKAS number
UKAS accredited test?

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Last updated: 08-06-2023