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Legionella pneumophilia Urinary Antigen Test

Alias: Legionnaires' disease, Pontiac fever.

Discipline: Virology

Test information: Used for the qualitative detection of L. pneumophilia serogroup 1 in urine specimens from patients with symptoms of pneumonia.

Availability: Routine hours: 08:00 to 17:15

Part of a combined test which includes S. pneumoniae.

Specimen Type(s)
  • Catheter Urine;
  • Clean Catch Urine;
  • Cystoscopy Urine;
  • Ileal Conduit Urine;
  • Mid-Stream Urine;
  • Nephrostomy Urine;
  • Suprapubic Aspirate;
  • Ureteric Urine;
  • Urostomy Urine;
Other Acceptable Specimen Type(s)
Specimen Container - Adult
  • Boric Acid Tube;
  • Plain Universal;
  • Urine Monovette Primary Tube;
Specimen Container - Paediatric
  • N/A;
  • L. pneumophilia serogroup 1 urine antigen;
Part of a test profile?
Volume (min) of sample to be sent to laboratory
  • Minimum sample volume in non-boric container: 1.2mL
  • Boric Acid Containers must be filled to the appropriate line shown on the container.
Patient Preparation, Sample Handling and Transport
  • Collect the urine sample in a sterile container (with or without boric acid preservative).
  • Urine samples are stable for up to 24 hours at ambient room temperature and 1 week when stored at 2 °C to 8 °C.
  • Specimens should be transported to the laboratory without delay during normal working hours.
  • If transport is delayed store urine samples at 2 °C to 8 °C.
  • The L. pneumophila Urinary Antigen Test used has not been validated to be used with urine samples from children under 8 years.
Maximum add on time
Units and Reference Ranges / Interpretation
Not detected / Detected
A negative result for L. pneumophilia serogroup 1 does not exclude the possibility of a Legionella infection, as it can be caused by other serogroups and Legionella species. The result of this test should be used in conjunction with clinical findings to make an accurate diagnosis.
UKAS number
UKAS accredited test?
High levels (> 5 %) of water-based personal lubricant might result in false positive L. pneumophilia results.

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Last updated: 06-06-2023