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Protein (CSF)

Alias: N/A

Discipline: Clinical Chemistry

Test information: Most CSF protein originates by diffusion from plasma across the blood-CSF barrier. Elevated levels of protein occur as a result of increased permeability of the blood-CSF barrier or with increased local synthesis of immunoglobulins. Examination of CSF is most often performed in the investigation of suspected meningitis.

Specimen Type(s)
  • Cerebrospinal fluid;
Other Acceptable Specimen Type(s)
Specimen Container - Adult
  • Plain Universal;
Specimen Container - Paediatric
  • Plain Universal;
  • N/A;
Part of a test profile?
Volume (min) of sample to be sent to laboratory
Patient Preparation, Sample Handling and Transport
Fraction 2 is sent to Clinical Chemistry for protein and glucose assay.
Maximum add on time
Same day protein. Glucose not allowed
Units and Reference Ranges / Interpretation
RR for Males and Females - 0.15 - 0.45 g/L
UKAS number
UKAS accredited test?

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Last updated: 30-04-2024